Giving is Good: Our Vision & Philosophy

June 2, 2020
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Giving is good

Charitable giving in America has remained stagnant between 2 to 2.5% of national GDP for the past 30 years. One of the most significant barriers preventing generosity is hassle, which elevates the costs associated with giving and dampens impact by impeding generosity.

Despite this stasis, we believe that generosity is a part of every human heart. Generosity has a powerful influence - it accelerates human connection, mitigates isolation and self-absorption, and diffuses conflict. People give as a means to write a story about what their life—to declare their relationship to what’s true, beautiful, and good—but giving competes with all the other means in life to do so.

Generous people, who give freely and often, impact the world. And generous people working on making an impact need generous donors to support their work. Charityvest catalyzes generosity by making giving simple for every donor and recipient. We give donors a delightful experience of giving that forms habits of giving behavior. Giving is for everyone, and Charityvest seeks to empower every American with the tools to be generous.

How is giving good?

  • Giving keeps money in check. Money is an excellent tool but a terrible master. We believe generosity keeps our relationship to money grounded and beneficial.
  • Giving connects people. Humans are wired to bond through the expression of needs and the meeting of them. Generosity forges strong relationships and enriches souls.
  • Giving writes our legacy. We have a choice whether we make our life story more about loving ourselves or loving others. Generosity is a cornerstone to create a life story that is about others.
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill


We catalyze generosity by making giving simple for every donor and charity.

We primarily do this by providing the system for frictionless giving through our partner software platforms, which allows donors and nonprofits to support one another through Charityvest’s payments clearinghouse for charitable transactions. Charityvest is the electrical system and wiring, partner software platforms are the light fixtures, and money given is the electricity that creates the light in the world.

Charityvest also enables other impact-supporting solutions such that they reinforce the information and motivation donors need to give generously. The litmus test for our scope of activities is, “Does this catalyze generosity consistent with our values?”


To empower everyone with the tools to be generous. We want to put a giving fund in the hands of everyone in the US.

We envision that Charityvest Inc. will become the preferred payments clearinghouse and compliance layer between nonprofits and their funders for the entire tax-exempt organization industry. We partner with the most effective and innovative financial software and service companies, aligned with this vision, to achieve this. In achieving these aims, we will foster an increase in the charitable giving percentage of GDP above 2.5% and turn everyone into an active donor. 

Organizational values

We seek to be:

  • Generous – We have a giving orientation towards the world—we want to create and share value with people in every area of our operation, with partners large and small, financial and non-financial.
  • Responsible – Our motivations come from a deep conviction about what’s needed in the world, what’s possible, and what we can do about it. We work not because of mere attractive opportunity, but because of a felt responsibility to act.
  • Excellent – We commit ourselves to furnish solutions that are noticeably higher quality than the rest of the industry.
  • Egalitarian – We invite everyone to participate in giving generously.
  • Easy – Our solutions reduce hassle, giving donors and recipients an experience that’s simple and streamlined.

Create your Charityvest giving fund—it's free and takes 90 seconds.

Stephen Kump

Stephen is the chief of promoting generosity @ Charityvest. Former Bain consultant, philanthropic advisor, and military officer. Yale MBA.

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